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Microarray Data Analysis for Genetic Network Prediction


Microarray Introduction

Bioinformatics has been one of the most fast-developing fields in scientific research. As an important tool in bioinformatics, microarray technology was developed in great need. It provides a remarkable tool to monitor the expression level of a large amount of genes. The biological techniques to measure DNA, however, are limited in their efficiency in time and expense. As a technology combining biological knowledge and electronic technique, microarray is able to measure a large quantity of DNA simultaneously. Following is a brief introduction of the methodology of microarray. Firstly, cells from different tissue or different source are treated with different conditions before biological digestion. After that, mRNAs which are extracted from different treatment conditions are hybridized with microarray chip. The intensity of the fluorescence on the chip will represent the expression level of the gene on the spot.


Microarray Animation

Microarry Manufacturing Movie


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