Shi, Yi

Associate Professor

Bio-X Institutes
School of Life Science and Biotechnology
Shanghai Jiaotong University

Current research activities: Cancer genetics and epigenetics, cancer 3D genome, cancer typing, sparse learning, clinical bio-marker discovery, neo-antigen prediction.

"Having desire, being part of the nature; having no desire, understand the nature." - Lao Zi, 206 B.c.

Associate Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University 2018-Present
Assistant Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University 2014-2017
Postdocal, MCB, University of Southern California (J. Zhou, F. Alber & M. Waterman) 2012-2014

Ph.D & RA,
CS, University of Alberta (D. Schuurmans & G. Lin) 2007-2012
M.Sc & TA,
CS, University of Alberta (G. Lin)2005-2007
Software Engineer, HW Shanghai 2004-2005

CS, Zhejiang University 2000-2004

Publications (+:Co-first author, *:Co-corresponding author)


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Abstracts and Posters
D. Wishart, D. Arndt, M.Berjanskii, P. Tang, J. Zhou, Y. Shi, G. Lin. CS23D: A Web Server for Rapid Protein Structure Generation Using NMR Chemical Shifts, presented at Canada's Prion Research Conference 2008 (PrP Canada 2008). Toronto, ON., Canada, Feb. 2-6, 2008.

J. Zhou, Y. Shi, G. Lin, D. Wishart. A Protein Contact Order Prediction Method, presented at The 7th International Conference of the Canadian Proteomics Initiative (CPI2007). Ottawa, ON., Canada, Jun. 16-18, 2007.

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Ph.D. Thesis
Y. Shi.
Bio-relation Discovery and Sparse Learning. (PDF)

Master Thesis
Y. Shi.
Gene Expression Microarray Missing Value Imputation and Its Effects in Downstream Data Analyses. (PDF)

deepAntigen (Neoantigen prediction for personalized cancer immunotherapy)
copredictor (Protein contact order prediction and calculation)
Microarray Project (Introduction to Microarray)

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